Ecuadorians in New York finalize details to be able to vote in the presidential elections | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

Adriana: Ecuadorians inour area registered forvote in the study of whether they willthe presidents for the secondreturn.Let those who go to voteThey have time, but let them vote.only god knows who he isgood or bad.reporter: doña maya esEcuadorian, well known foryour sale of traditional foodon roosevelt avenue,we ask what is waiting in thefuture of the equator.God send us apresident to do something forreporter: what does acommunity leader aboutthese elections.we talk to Mr. Rolandobuilding.this sunday, vote nomany will be able to vote,because it is unfortunately thegovernment for the purpose of hindrancewith registration.reporter: in new york they existelectoral zones that areavailable so you canexercise new york we have fourpolling places, or fourdifferent electoral is in the bronx, and the otherin queens. there are two smaller oneselectoral processthey are small wings.people authorized to voteIn New York, it was doneemphasis on schedulevote.the voting hours gofrom 9:00 in the morninguntil 7:00 p.m.uninterrupted way,consulting previously ifare they registered or not forvote.but those who already have thatright, they vote.reporter: and is that thecommunity of your unconsciousthat it is not only to go and vote,the future so it is veryimportant that what they areenabled go and vote thisSunday.

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