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Ecuadorian Pablo Aguirre wins his second Latin Grammy

The Ecuadorian producer Pablo Aguirre was part of the album ‘Vamos al zoo’, by Danilo and Chapis. He won the first Latin Grammy in 2009.

The Ecuadorian producer, composer and engineer Pablo Aguirre reached his second Latin Grammy award, in the 2023 edition held in Seville, Spain.

The Guayaquil native received the golden gramophone for his participation in ‘Let’s go to the zoo’, of the Mexicans Danilo and Chapis, who were competing for the award for the third time in the category Best Children’s Album.

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Danilo y Chapis is a musical project created by Cristina Abaroa and Alejandro Abaroa, both known for their work on the soundtrack of ‘Amigos x siempre’, ‘Sidekicks to the rescue’ (the soap opera that brought fame to Belinda) and other productions.

He joins them Daniel Borchardt, Mexican designer and composer.

The three Mexicans reside in the United States and they are friends of the Ecuadorian Pablo Aguirre, another immigrant who in ‘Let’s go to the zoo’ signs as sound engineer and arranger of some of the songs.

For Aguirre, who has lived in California since he was 22 after emigrating from his natal Guayaquil, This is the second Latin Grammy. The first one got it in 2009 thanks to ‘Waiting for your voice’, of the Ecuadorian singer Paulina Aguirre, in the category of Best Christian Album.

Pablo Aguirre signed that work, which made history in the country’s music, as a producer and mixing and recording engineer.

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