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ECOVACS, the world’s No. 1 brand of sweeping and mopping robots, introduced the latest flagship model DEEBOT T10 OMNI in the spring, which integrates a fully automatic base station with six-in-one functions, high-intelligence navigation and obstacle avoidance technology, and all-round functions of AI voice control, and the price is The most affordable model among the flagship models of the same type, the first wave of ultra-early bird pre-order discounts are 22,800 yuan, and the ultra-high CP value makes wallets and life no longer have to compromise in the new year.

photo.php?u=" title="DEEBOT T10 OMNI登台,首創AI聲控功能引領新潮流。 業者/提供" layout="responsive" width="1048" height="838"/>
DEEBOT T10 OMNI is on the stage, the first AI voice control function leads the new trend.Provider/Provider

The ECOVACS OMNI flagship model focuses on one machine to meet all floor cleaning needs. It has built-in automatic powerful cleaning rags at regular intervals, a constant temperature of 40 degrees for the whole machine to dry the mop with warm air, dual air ducts for automatic strong dust collection in 10 seconds, and the industry’s largest 3L dust bag It can be free of garbage for 75 days, and it can be used with silver ion floor sterilization to achieve a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%. In addition, it has a self-cleaning base and a child lock function, making it a good helper for home cleaning.

DEEBOT T10 OMNI is equipped with 5000Pa super suction, and the single-pass cleaning power is as high as 95%, from large particles to small dust, from floor gaps to carpet surfaces, all are not let go; it is also equipped with the exclusive OZMO™ Turbo 2.0 rotary pressurized mopping system, It can rotate and pressurize 180 times per minute, just like a real person leaning over to wipe the floor, and the decontamination rate is as high as 99.99%, which is more suitable for Asian hard floors who are used to walking barefoot at home.

photo.php?u=" title="DEEBOT T10 OMNI基座為業界最大3L集塵袋,最長可75天免倒垃圾。 業者/提供" layout="responsive" width="1049" height="804"/>
The DEEBOT T10 OMNI base is the largest 3L dust bag in the industry, and it can be free of garbage for up to 75 days.Provider/Provider

T10 OMNI is equipped with an autopilot-level chip and starlight-level lens technology, which can quickly detect space and accurately identify more than 30 types of obstacles. In addition, it is the only dToF space recognition technology of the same model from NASA in the industry. The overall operation can be remotely controlled with APP.

In addition to remote control, T10 OMNI is also the first to have the function of AI intelligent voice assistant YIKO, without any vehicle, just call “OK YIKO” to call the sweeping robot to the designated location for cleaning, in the most intuitive and simple way Control the high-intelligence sweeping robot, and once again lead the future trend of sweeping robots.

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