Economy. Thionville I buy: € 45,000 to boost local commerce

10% discount

The concept is simple and winning, both for the customer and for the merchant. Thionville J’achète corresponds to the circulation of subsidized vouchers worth 10, 20 and 50 € with no limit on the amount. Each voucher withdrawn by Thionville customers is weighted with a 10% discount (eg: for a voucher worth € 50, the customer only pays € 45). To obtain these means of payment, there are two solutions: place an order on the site before collecting them, by appointment, at the Thionville tourist office (tel. 03 82 53 33 18) or receive them by mail.

500 000 €

Initiated at the end of the first confinement, the operation was an immediate success: “These vouchers are very popular with the people of Thionville, especially in this painful period for local shops”, observes Thierry Ghezzi, deputy in charge of breathing life into in the Thionville commercial activity. And obviously, this breath of fresh air has revitalized an economic fabric on a respirator since the start of the health crisis. More than 200,000 € in vouchers have irrigated the heart of the city since last June, “we can even speak of a total of 500,000 € redistributed in the circuit”, estimates Carole Thil. The president of the traders of Thionville (Apecet) also welcomes the support of large companies in the sector which, via their works council, “massively buy vouchers redistributed to employees”.

130 traders

At present, almost all local shops adhere to this system, ie 130 brands. In case of doubt, the list of partner merchants appears on the site

3 allies

As last spring, the City of Thionville and Apecet sealed their union with an agreement.

Another signature inducts a third ally: Crédit Mutuel. The bank injects the sum of € 5,000 into the system, which this time amounts to € 45,000. “This action is part of the continuity of our mission as a local bank that supports local commerce”, observes Director Marc Di Giannantonio. More than words, acts which result in deferrals of deadlines, insurance contributions or even the payment of a mutualist premium to customers for an average amount of € 7,500.

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