Economy. Reopening of shops: “We can hope to save December”

For several days, the rumor had been rife. “We expect a reopening for the 28”, slipped a craftsman last weekend. Finally, Tuesday evening, the announcements of Emmanuel Macron put an end to the wait. This Saturday, “non-essential” shops will indeed be able to reopen their doors to customers, not without a reinforced health protocol.

Install Christmas decorations

If, on this point, details must be made, in Thionville, traders have all the same started some preparations. “It was about time,” sighs Anaïs Da Costa, manager at Grain de Malice. While waiting for instructions from the head office to improve the sanitary protocol, it is the preparation of the Christmas window that holds all his attention.

Limit to the gauge inside the store

Behind the door of the Caroll boutique, Christelle Brice is also happy to reopen. “We will be putting up the holiday decorations and running promotions for Saturday. It will be necessary to be attractive. On the sanitary side, the recipe for spring will be adapted. “We already had the hydroalcoholic gel, the mask and a steam cleaner for the clothes. There we have counted and we will limit the gauge to six people in the shop. ”

“8 m2 per person”

As for L’Instant, Bruno Joyeux speaks of a maximum of five people in his shop. “This corresponds to what we put in place during the previous restrictions which recommended 4 m² per person. With a store that makes 150, we were far below. You will have to keep an eye on the entrance and maybe ask customers to be a little patient. We were waiting for this decision and, if we won’t catch up with November, we can hope to save December. “

Book department too, we are getting ready. “We are putting the store in as much order as possible for an opening on Saturday, Sunday and December. Question gauge, we start with what is recommended for the moment, namely 8 m² per person. That said, to facilitate traffic flow in the store, we will be wrapping gifts outside the store, ”explains Benjamin Hisler, from the Hisler BD store.

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