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Economy: Mobile telephony of Peru: What will happen with the price of the packages and


With the start of phase 3 and full opening of commerce, telecommunications companies can already offer both equipment and various tariff plans following sanitary protocols.

However, one of the main challenges of the four market operators -as part of the new normality that the coronavirus has generated- is the economic situation of Peruvians hit by economic paralysis and unemployment.

Given this, what strategies are envisaged? For the specialist Carlos Huamán, of , it would be expected that Mobile operators offer -in the short term- ‘creative plans’ at affordable prices to adapt to the new spending capacity of many Peruvian families. An example of this trend is the

There are two key elements to maintain demand, first is the fractionation in the payment of mobile services, which in itself is a way of retaining the client and the second is that they will have the incentive (the operators) to develop creative plans appropriate to the new normal. Specifically, rate plans probably with less megabytes or other specific attributes and characteristics, but at affordable prices, according to the current situation ”, commented in dialogue with

He also noted that The COVID-19 stopped the demand for low and medium range 4G mobile equipment, whose price ranges from S / 400 to S / 600 without plan, which was observed in the first months of the year.

The demand for low and mid-range 4G equipment persists, but – on the other hand – the economy is affected, which slows down the rate of purchase of mobile equipment with these characteristics ”. However, he projected a recovery in the sale of equipment from this month, taking into account that the trade was completely opened and that in the previous months the operators could not sell by quarantine.

There is currently a purchase provision, so we anticipate a growth in equipment sales. This will be seen from this month. ”

-Increase use of data and voice-

Huamán He commented that compulsory social confinement generated a notable increase in the consumption of voice and data (Internet) -about 20% in relation to 2019- which was accompanied (and continues) with the drop in the collection of mobile operators due to the non-payment by consumers in the quarantine months.

The Peruvian consumer is consuming much more than before, but the operators’ finances are not robust. ”

He added that at the price level, These have fallen 70% in real terms -since 2001- which implies a decrease of 5% each year in the price to citizens of voice and Internet services.

Normally, prices rise, but in telecom it does not happen, on the contrary, prices have fallen and in the last five years that has worsened in mobile plans. For example, almost everyone has unlimited voice service. ”

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