Economists warn of lockdown with 52 billion euros in damage

Gastronomy opening in Heidelberg

Providers of contact-intensive services are seen as acutely threatened by restrictions.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin 3G, 2G or complete lockdown: In view of the increasing number of infections, many people are worried about new restrictions, which could have a significant impact on the economy. The seven-day incidence of hospitalization – the new decisive factor for assessing the situation – is rising steadily. The vaccination campaign comes to a halt. The start of autumn hardly promises any improvement.

That brings back memories of 2020. It was only in November that politicians reacted to the increasing number of infections, but with all the more severe restrictions. Lothar Wieler, head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), is now warning of a “brilliant course” of the fourth wave – albeit under changed conditions due to the vaccinations.

But new questions arise: Should the tested, vaccinated and recovered (3G) be treated equally, the unvaccinated be disadvantaged (2G), or do we need a complete lockdown (0G) again? The decisive factor here is: In which case, in addition to protecting health, will not drive the economy into the next crisis?

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