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In an interview for the program “Face to Face”, the economist Rumen Galabinov predicted that the government’s measure to control food prices will have a disciplining effect, which will be expressed in promotions in large chain stores next week.

According to him, putting a ceiling on food prices is not a profitable solution. He proposed an alternative – the introduction of a marginal trade markup. “The prices continue to be at different levels, but the retail chain cannot sell food with more than a 10 or 15% markup,” he explained.

Galabinov believes that it is necessary to monitor the markets, especially food products: not only wholesale, but also retail. According to him, this step of the government is in the right direction. “A large part of the food products that we consume on a daily basis are imported. Where there is a noticeable difference that cannot be explained by financial or economic reasons, yes commercial abuse is sought. People expect quick solutions,” commented the economist.

Government Price Control Financier: What’s up with you guys? Pure populism!

Rumen Galabinov noted that the inflation for the last two months – December and January – is at the same level. “There is a slowdown in inflation, there is even hope that it will decrease in 2023. Last year we reached the peak, now it is starting to decrease. It is expensive in the small consumer basket and this weighs on the budget of every single household,” he noted, however, he.

The economist also stated that it will not be a problem for Bulgaria to accept the euro from the beginning of 2024.

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