Eco Mask, the durable protective mask by Guzzini, arrives in the pharmacy

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“I have always believed that the creation of value for the consumer, in addition to representing a fundamental inspiring principle for companies that look to the future with confidence, always arises from the coherent combination of a quality product and a distribution channel suitable for making them appreciate the contents – declares Sergio Grasso, CEO of Fratelli Guzzini -. And so when we did Eco Mask, the protective, reusable and eco-sustainable face mask, we felt that the pharmacy channel could be a precious opportunity to reach all those people who rightly consider the pharmacist to be the first competent interlocutor in terms of health. For more than a century, Fratelli Guzzini has been designing and manufacturing products of the highest quality, making their technological and design skills available to improve the quality of life of our customers. The launch of the important distribution partnership with a large number of the most qualified Italian pharmacies represents a source of pride for us and the recognition of our commitment in having created a product, 100% made in Italy, using innovative antibacterial plastic materials “.

It was the meeting with the shareholder and sole director of VIM G.Ottaviani SpA Vincenzo Monetti, a young successful entrepreneur, gifted with exceptional vivacity, inventiveness and creativity, which brought to fruition the intuition of the managing director of Fratelli Guzzini that the “channel pharmacies ”was a winning choice in terms of strategic business development. VIM G. Ottaviani Spa is a made in Italy excellence that has been operating on a national scale for more than 40 years in the sector of the intermediate distribution of pharmaceutical products to the main private and public pharmacies.

“Over the years VIM has been able to meet the concrete needs of organizational flexibility, satisfying the urgent needs of the market and production organizations, with a view to efficiency and optimization of the core business, thanks to both a qualified staff of over 30 professionals and the of management to look to the future with foresight, working in collaboration with valuable partners – comments Vincenzo Monetti, supporter of teamwork, as the “secret” of success-. “And in Guzzini we immediately recognized a partner who, through its products resulting from a high level of know-how and a production history recognized all over the world, could give added value to the assortments of the numerous and most representative pharmacies with which we are honored to collaborate. ! “

“The profession of the Pharmacist is evolving: from a drug expert, as it has always been, to a central function in the reorganization of health protection, acquiring a real role of” caregiver “, both for his knowledge and skills, and for the relationship of trust that binds it to the final consumer, who turns to the pharmacist as an authoritative consultant for all matters relating to health and well-being of daily life, and not only in illness. On the other hand, the pharmacy having a strategic role in the distribution of products is increasingly becoming a place to buy with confidence and tranquility “continues Vincenzo Monetti” Therefore VIM aims to develop a winning partnership with pharmacists, in order to guarantee a unique and personalized offer of complementary services to the purchase of medicines, thus creating the most favorable conditions for an innovative management of the channel and, of course, putting a product like Eco Mask on the shelf is an element of great innovation ”.

Born from an idea of ​​the designers Spalvieri & Del Ciotto, Eco Mask it is very light, weighs only 45 grams. Thanks to the soft anatomical seal, it adheres to the face and adapts perfectly to all physiognomies, restoring high comfort even after hours of use. Its particular shape allows it to be worn even with glasses because it minimizes fogging of the lenses. The large internal chamber, the correct sizing of the filtering system and the excellent fit given by the double configuration, behind the head or behind the ears, of the easily adjustable elastic straps, allow you to breathe well, minimizing that annoying sense of suffocation caused by most individual safety devices.

The Eco Mask has obtained CE recognition as a Class I Type I medical device (non-sterile) in compliance with the following regulations / standards EN 14683 – ISO 10993 – Regulation (EU) n.745 / 2017.

It ensures high isolation from the surrounding environment thanks to the perfect adherence to the face of the soft hypoallergenic rubber gasket and the multilayer fabric filter, with filtering capacity> = 95%, which lasts 1 day.

The Guzzini signature mask is made of an innovative plastic material capable of reducing the proliferation of bacteria and therefore the danger of contamination.

Made in a highly sanitized environment, in the absence of germs and sources of contamination with the highest quality standards, it is produced with carefully selected and tested materials: the gasket in contact with the face and the straps are made of a particular medical thermoplastic rubber, biocompatible and latex free.

“Eco Mask can be reused indefinitely thanks to the use of durable, high quality and easily sanitized plastic materials and the ability to easily remove and replace the filter – says Sergio Grasso -. The entire mask can be easily sanitized in four different ways, all suitable for making its use safe, easy and easy “.

In fact Eco Mask can be washed and sterilized by hand (in hot water with common detergent), in the dishwasher (dishes cycle at 70 ° C), it can also be sanitized in the microwave oven (with steam sterilization bags 3 min – 800 / 900 W) or cold (with liquid disinfectants or effervescent tablets).

“Precisely for these characteristics we have obtained the praise of Legambiente which we have made ourselves available to support by allocating a part of the proceeds to face the environmental emergency that the extraordinarily widespread use of disposable masks will undoubtedly cause” concludes Sergio Grasso.

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