Eclot will be the new Dynamo Eclot, joining forces with Pardubice hockey

A new main investor, the owner of the hockey Dynamo Pardubice, billionaire Petr Dědek, has joined the Czech sports organization Eclot. The organization will bear the name Dynamo Eclot and, according to the statement on its website, wants to strengthen its position among the domestic sports elite across game titles and at the same time attack the European scene.


“Connecting sports clubs with sports is current all over the world. Real and virtual sports are one big topic, they interact with each other. The industry, which includes global teams, is growing and the Dynamo brand will be among them. We teamed up with Eclot, which has long been one of the best sports teams in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Dynamo Eclot is heading even higher, “says Petr Dědek Jr. about the new acquisition.

Plejeri Dynama Eclot has long been one of the narrower Czech top sportsmen. In the ongoing Tipsport COOL, they took fifth place and narrowly missed their participation in the playoffs. Hearthstone players are also doing well. Dynamo will also continue to perform on the NHL and League of Legends scene.

“In addition to sports goals, we are also concerned with the systematic development of talented players, their personal development and comprehensive preparation for real life. In addition, we want to continue to spread positive awareness of sports in Czech society, “added Martin Novotný, CEO of the Dynamo Eclot team.

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Eclot has been active on the Czech sports scene since 2015 and its players have had a number of domestic and foreign successes. One of the biggest is the second place from the 2019 Championship in the game Counter-Strike. In Hearthstone, DreamHack dominated Leipzig 2019 and Red Bull MEO, the unofficial World Cup in mobile games.

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