Ecclestone hits back after Formula 1 statement on his racism statements | NOW

Bernie Ecclestone has given an interview to defend herself after Formula 1 distanced itself from its statements about racism in an official statement. The former Formula 1 boss also lashes out at his successor Chase Carey.

Ecclestone said in an interview with Friday CNN that “black people are more racist than white people”. A few hours later, Formula 1 issued a statement distancing itself from that statement by the man who had been president of the sport for nearly forty years.

“I don’t care if someone is yellow, green, brown or pink,” Ecclestone said on Sunday Daily Mail. “Over the years, I’ve met enough white people I don’t like, but never a black person I didn’t like.”

“I’ve been robbed a number of times in my life, including once by three black men. I even ended up in a hospital at the time, but that didn’t make me dislike a black person,” said the 89-year-old Briton.

Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Hamilton also criticized Ecclestone

In addition to Formula 1, Ecclestone was also criticized by Lewis Hamilton. “It is so sad and disappointing to read these statements,” said the six-time world champion.

“Bernie is of a very different generation. This shows exactly what is wrong. These kind of indifferent and silly comments have to stop before real equality can exist,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton and Formula 1 have been protagonists in the fight against racism in recent weeks. The king of motorsport announced a series of measures to increase diversity.

Ecclestone believes his successor Carey is taking the fight against racism to divert attention from his “bad work.” “They’ve suddenly jumped into the events in America. But Chase would be better able to focus on what the shareholders want from him.”

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“The coronavirus suits Chase well,” says Eccelstone. “He can blame the virus for anything he didn’t achieve.”

Formule 1-baas Chase Carey. (Foto: Pro Shots)


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