Ebene Magazine – Champions League match discussion: Philadelphia Union 1 Deportivo Saprissa 0 Final

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90 9 ‘Four cards dealt. The referee finally whistles the cave of the monster. The players are always arguing with the official, and that will be all from a messy round of sixteen first leg.

90 4 ‘A late tackle from Blanco earns him a yellow, Glesnes pushes him to the ground and a fight breaks out. Wagner is on the ground. All the referees try to stop the fight.

90 3 ‘A solid cross finds the big hands of Andre Blake. Both teams push hard in the final minutes as Przybylko fouls and is then replaced by Quinn Sillivan who makes his debut.

88 ‘Another savage shot goes over the far goal for Saprissa. If they could stay the course, they would seriously challenge Andre Blake.

86 ‘Mbaizo limps off the field with the Union’s medical coach, while Saprissa makes two substitutions.

85 ‘Mbaizo is at the other end of the field, the medical units rush. Doesn’t seem to be in serious pain, but doesn’t move much.

83 ‘The Union can do nothing with a cross from Wagner and Saprissa wins a strong counterattack. Union stops the counter and gains her own attack.

81 Saprissa wins a corner on a deflection, then another corner after a battle in the area. A powerful shot flies over the net and grants the Union a goal kick.

79 ‘Fontana fails, some Union players seem upset that no advantage has been called up, but Saprissa players seem to think there was no foul. Union can’t do anything with the free kick.

77 ‘A sloppy move and not enough help at the top ends another Union attack. Philly will need to keep in shape if she is to hold the last 15.

75 ‘Matt Real receives a yellow card and spirits rise when the Union players rush to the official.

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73 ‘Monteiro falls, but the referee gives an advantage as Fontana dribbles the field in 1v5. Saprissa wins the ball to launch his attack from his third defense.

71 Kai Wagner saves the Union on a goal with a header on the line, and Saprissa is forced to return to midfield.

70 ‘Twenty minutes later, the Union and Saprissa seem to be playing different games. Saprissa is quick as they look to catch a goal, while Philly wants to control the game and slow down the pace of the game.

68 ‘Mbaizo commits a foul in the third defense of the Union, Waston de Saprissa misses his head wide open on the kick.

66 ‘Montiero bypasses a defender, but is whistled for the fault, Saprissa strikes half of his own half.

64 ‘The first substitution of the match comes as Matt Real enters for Leon Flach. Los Blancos are generally a defender, but appear to be playing higher instead of strengthening the baseline.

62 ‘A cross from Wagner finds Fontana’s shin and bounces out of bounds for a goal kick.

61 Glesnes with a weak pass to Blake who almost got robbed, but Blake dismisses him.

58 A strong center of Mbaizo near the goal is cleared for a corner of the Union. Wagner ends with a counterattack for Saprissa.

56 ‘Union moves the ball around the area to win what looks like a corner kick, but a foul against Philly sends the ball the other way.

54 Saprissa moves the ball around the penalty area and earns a corner, which comes out for a Union goal kick.

52 A strong attack from Saprissa is stopped by a center that falls too close to Blake, while he picks it up to send it to his attack.

47 A long shot from Saprissa jumps into Blake’s arms for his first stoppage of the match.

46 ‘A pass from Fontana gives Przybylko a good attack, but an offside call sends the ball the other way.

46 ‘The second half is over as the Union seek to maintain their 0-1 lead in Costa Rica.

45 2 ‘The whistle sounds for the end of the first half. The Union look like the stronger team, but both teams look a bit sloppy. The Union will have to continue its momentum until half-time.

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45 2 ‘Blanco de Saprissa and Martinez d’Union exchange a few words, and Montiero rushes to interrupt the conversation.

45 The Union looked to press late, forcing Saprissa to make some solid defensive play. Saprissa responds with a block that ends with a Union throw-in.

41 Flach is back and moving, while the Union makes a mistake on a solid tackle from Saprissa at the other end of the Union’s half of the field.

40 ‘Leon Flach is down without contact. He grabs his quad and the medical staff entered the field.

36 ‘Fontana moves into the box to get a corner, which is cleared for a counter-attack. Saprissa’s attack came to a halt in midfield.

35 ‘Saprissa is almost capable of a cross, but the pass is out of reach of the attacker for a goal kick.

34 ‘The first goal of 2021 comes from Kacper Przybylko! Fontana plays Mbaizo, who plays a perfect cross to Przybylko, who goes in the header for the header.

32 Bedoya tries to chase the ball off the touchline, but he comes out for a goal kick from Saprissa. Bedoya played a lot on the wing and saw almost all of his touches on the attack.

32 Martinez makes a mistake on a trip, seems to suffer momentarily but gets up.

30 ‘Saprissa’s attack seeks a center, a point from Wagner sends it into Blake’s arms.

28 ‘Offsides call stops an attack from Saprissa in the Union area, Andre Blake sends the ball in the other direction.

26 ‘A bad call from the referee gives Saprissa a free kick. After a few ball movements, it unfolds for a goal kick from André Blake.

25 A pass from Flach and a cross attempt from Wagner get tangled near the goal. Przybylko throws him for a Saprissa corner.

21 ‘Montiero stops a quick counter-attack. The Union counter ends with an ill-felt shot from Montiero.

20 ‘Przybylko stumbles and loses a potential attack near the penalty area as Saprissa sends the ball in the other direction.

18 ‘The player from Saprissa makes a quick attack and looks for a card, only winning a foul which leads to a corner.

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16 ‘Saprissa looks for a counter-attack, but Kai Wagner wins his challenge to slow them down.

14 ‘Union plays an aggressive defense to win a steal, the resulting cross to the area is ruled offside by Przybylko.

12 ‘A weak pass from Fontana is stolen near 18, ending a strong potential shot from Przybylko.

10 Saprissa tries to go up the field, but the ball rolls near the corner flag for a Union throw.

6 Saprissa with a foul about 30 meters, a kick into the penalty area is returned.

4 Bedoya tries a cross in the area, he goes out for a corner of the Union. Fontana called off the offside on the resulting cross.

3 Another early Union attack by Flach, Union drives early and doesn’t leave much room for Saprissa.

2 ‘Union tries an early attack with a cross from Flach, he goes out for a throw-in. The next play results in a goal kick from Saprissa.

1 ‘The ball goes out for the first time in the match, as Saprissa gets an early goal kick

1 ‘And the Union is back! The 2021 season has started with a first tap in Costa Rica.

Anthony Fontana starts off with Kacper Przybylko at the top. Rookies Quinn Sullivan, Nathan Harriel and Jack McGlynn on the bench.

The Philadelphia Union will make their Concacaf Champions League debut in San Jose, Costa Rica.

They face a team from Deportivo Saprissa with rich competition experience. In fact, this will be the 10th time that Saprissa has competed in its current format dating back to 2008. Their WDL record against MLS teams is 6-3-5.

Ready for a relapse of #CCLFever! Eight games over three nights on FS1 to start # SCCL21, @stuholden and I have Portland in Marathon and Philly in Saprissa today and tomorrow at 6 p.m. ET / 3 p.m. PT. Glad to see what MLS can do this year! https://t.co/CXcpHctWxV

Where: Estadio Ricardo Saprissa; San Juan de Tibás, Costa Rica When: Wednesday, April 7, 2021, 6:06 p.m. ET Kickoff TV: FS1 / TUDN Streaming: FOX Sports App / Concacaf App

Referee: Ismael Cornejo Assistant Referee 1: David Moran Assistant Referee 2: Geovany Garcia Fourth official: Ivan Barton

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