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The Brussels local radio Eazy FM, which quietly switched off its FM transmitter at the end of September, has been given until 1 March by the Flemish Regulator for the Media to get back on the air. Otherwise, the recognition will be withdrawn.

“During checks on October 10, 2022 and November 7, 2022, the investigation cell of the VRM determined that Radio Candy no longer broadcasts.” That October 10 was perhaps not entirely coincidental, because then RadioVisie was the only one who brought the news that the Eazy FM transmitter was no longer on the air. Since they can normally receive the station themselves in the offices of the VRM, it was not that difficult to do a quick first check.

Luc Decoster, the pacesetter behind Eazy FM for many years, confirmed to us that the broadcast was being discontinued – the stream can still be heard online – and called on “a young generation of radio makers to continue the ether story via 106.5 with a new product ”.

But at the VRM they don’t like it when you pull the plug without notifying them. If you report this properly and you give a plausible reason, the VRM will always give you the opportunity to buy some time, without immediately starting a procedure. That explains why the VRM reacts fairly quickly here. “On November 7, 2022, the research cell establishes during a follow-up listening investigation that there are still no broadcasts being provided on 106.5 MHz in Brussels. According to the research cell, Radio Candy [de vzw achter Eazy FM, red.] no concrete perspective on the resumption of broadcasts.”

Eazy FM replied that the station was faced with a relocation of its broadcasting location against its will. In a city like Brussels, this cannot be solved in an instant, at least not if you have to manage it with very limited resources. Although they are not yet throwing in the towel. “As the only remaining independent local radio in Brussels, it is our intention to make a sustainable restart,” says Radio Candy. “She considers February 26, 2023 to be feasible for this and is therefore requesting a postponement until that date to restart her broadcasts.”

The General Chamber of the VRM therefore limits itself to one determination of an infringement and gives the association until March 1 to ‘conform’. Understand: to get back in the air.

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