Eating too much, this is an explanation of the reasons for overeating to the consequences – In theory, eat when hungry and stop eating when full, quite easy to do. But in reality food sweet or just want to taste new food, is always a temptation to overeating.

Even if it is to fulfill the desire to try new foods every time, if you do it too often, it can have an impact on health. Eat too much often associated with junk food, or even some other good food.

Reporting from Insider, Sunday (27/9/2020), overeating or eat too much is defined as the situation of taking in excess amounts of food.

According to Robert Glatter, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, Northwell Health says eating too much is related to how much the body needs to eat and how we can handle it.

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The last bite signals too much eating

Eating too much is subjective to the body and relies on a few key details. These include body composition, age, height, how much you move throughout the day, sleep patterns, medical conditions, and even health goals.

This composition needs to be considered when measuring how much food to consume.

This was revealed by a dietitian and diabetes educator, Grace Derocha from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

“Individuals can measure how much (food) by combining food journals, portion control, and measurement with awareness and intuitive eating,” explains Derocha.

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Derocha added that using this tactic can learn the difference between when the body is full or satisfied, even when hungry, it will help strengthen control when too much is consumed.

So, how to find out when to stop eating?

The body will know our moment eat too much at the last bite. For example suddenly in the middle of a bite experiencing ‘hot flash‘, even though the food consumed is not spicy.

Derocha says the sensation has nothing to do with it, but it could be sign of eating too much. The reason is that the body temperature starts to rise when too much food enters digestion.


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