Eating Habits to Prevent High Cholesterol

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta High cholesterol poses many risks, including stroke. But not many know how to lower or manage levels so that the risk of stroke is quite high.

To lower cholesterol levels, medication and exercise as well as food choices can help lower cholesterol levels cholesterol. If you’re trying to manage your cholesterol levels through food choices, here are seven eating habits to avoid if you have high cholesterol according to a registered dietitian. Express.

Focus on the amount of cholesterol on food labels
It may sound intuitive to eat a low-cholesterol diet when trying to reduce cholesterol levels. But according to Sarah Pflugradt, owner of Sarah Pflugradt Nutrition, “There isn’t enough evidence to support reducing dietary cholesterol affects blood cholesterol.”

In fact, the data surrounding this link is so weak that this recommendation is no longer included in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Instead, he suggests focusing on reducing saturated fat and increasing fiber intake to reduce cholesterol levels.

Weight cycles and yo-yo dieting Losing weight, regaining it, and repeating this pattern over and over again can have an adverse effect on cardiovascular risk factors. Cara Harbstreet, of Street Smart Nutrition, explains, “Adults, particularly women, who cycle their weight through diet tend to have poorer HDL and LDL profiles (even within the normal BMI category) according to NHANES data when compared to adults who remained weight stable. body even at a higher weight.”

Eat fatty meats
There is meat that can be a natural source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. However, certain cuts can contain large amounts of saturated fat. And when saturated fat, “consumed in excess, this can have a bad impact on cholesterol levels,” explains Jinan Banna.

If you are a carnivore, stick to leaner options, as flank steak is the best option.

Eat foods rich in added sugar
“Eating too much added sugar can lower good cholesterol,” explains Anya Rosen. From candy to cakes, to even sugar added to coffee, these ingredients can build up throughout the day and can play a negative role on overall health. Choose fresh fruit if you need a sweet taste without added sugar.

Skipping fiber in the diet
A staggering 95 percent of Americans don’t eat the recommended amount of fiber. So, clearly skipping this nutrient is not uncommon. However, skipping fiber, especially soluble fiber, can make lowering cholesterol difficult, explains Elysia Cartlidge, highlighting that soluble varieties can help lower bad LDL cholesterol in many people.

“Make sure to regularly include foods like oats, barley, apples, nuts, flaxseeds, and chia seeds to ensure you’re getting adequate amounts of soluble fiber to keep cholesterol levels in check,” advises Cartlidge.

Avoid fat
While eating a diet rich in saturated fat isn’t the best idea when it comes to cholesterol management, there are other fats that can actually be important additions to your diet. Foods rich in healthy fats, including nuts, avocados, whole grains, and fish, are recommended

Do not eat vegetables
Mom is not wrong when she encourages you to eat vegetables every day. Eat food rich in certain vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, have been linked to lower LDL cholesterol levels.

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