Eating before bed causes obesity … myth or reality ?!

Follow-up – Suzanne Hassan

Many people think that eating before bed is a bad idea.

The truth is, the answer is not the same for everyone, but rather a controversial question.

Oddly, there is evidence to support both sides!

Conventional wisdom says:

Eating before bed can cause weight gain because your metabolism usually slows down when you sleep.

This can increase the likelihood of calories being stored as fat.

On the other hand, some health experts claim that eating before bed is good for you and can improve sleep or lose weight.

Ultimately, the research did not reach reliable results.

But we can say that eating before bedtime is not harmful, as long as it is healthy and within the limits of the body’s caloric needs.

So don’t change your eating habits, listen to your body’s signals and find out individually the right diet for you.

You are finally well, health and peace.

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