“Eating an egg a day increases the risk of diabetes”

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Do you like to eat an egg with your breakfast in the morning? Maybe it’s time to do that a little less. Eating at least one egg a day can potentially increase your risk of type 2 diabetes by 60%. This is shown by research from the University of South Australia.<!– –>

The researchers did a sample of more than 8,500 Chinese adults. They found a link between eating a lot of eggs and high blood sugar.

One egg a day

Whether boiled, poached or fried, eating an egg a day long-term probably makes you more susceptible to type 2 diabetes. The effect appears to be slightly greater in women than in men.<!– –>

“Diet is a known and modifiable factor that contributes to the development of type 2 diabetes. It is therefore important to understand which dietary factors may influence the increasing incidence of the disease,” said Dr Ming Li of the University of South. -Australia.

Egg consumption in China nearly doubled between 1991 and 2009, according to the researcher. The number of people with type 2 diabetes has also increased. A link has been found between the two. “We found that eating a lot of eggs in the long term (more than 38 grams per day) increased the risk of diabetes by about 25%. In adults who ate more than 50 grams of egg per day, the risk of diabetes is increased by 60%. ” 50 grams equals one egg.

Need more research

According to Dr. Ming Li, more research is needed into the causes of the disease “to beat diabetes.” There are many more things that can cause diabetes. “This research is the step towards a long-term goal.”

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