‘Eat more’ No Sa-yeon “15 years ago, sudden hearing loss occurred… ”Confession of’hearing abnormalities’

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‘Eat more,’ Roh Sa-yeon calmly confesses the story behind sudden hearing loss.

In episode 17 of’Eat More’, the MBN food mentoring entertainment show that airs today (28th) at 9:20, a special day unfolds with Roh Sa-yeon and Lim Ji-ho, Kang Ho-dong, and Emperor Je-seong, who visit a house on the top of the mountain in Pyeongchang-dong and enjoy’spring healing’.

In the living room of the mountaintop house, Roh Sa-yeon enjoys a comfortable break while looking at Bukhansan Mountain in the living room of the mountaintop, and has a conversation time with Lim Ji-ho. Here, when Lim Ji-ho said, “Jeon Yoo-seong had a good conversation,” Roh Sa-yeon asked, “Jung Woo-seong?” and laughed.

However, after hesitating for a while, he confessed, “In fact, I have hearing loss in my ear.”

“I had a sudden hearing loss about 15 years ago,” said Roh Sa-yeon. “Sometimes when I record a broadcast, I sometimes get stupid. It’s because I can’t understand people’s stories.” He then laughs, saying, “I feel like I’m Beethoven,” and “That’s why the song is more grateful and valuable.

The production crew said, “When Roh Sa-yeon calmly confesses the story of’hearing abnormality’, Lim Ji-ho offers heartfelt comfort. Subsequently, the two immediately sang’Meeting’ as a duet, giving a bleak impression. “Please look forward to the special performances of Labor and Management, such as’Frozen 2’OST and’Wish’ with the snowy Bukhansan in the background.”

The 17th episode of’Eat More’ will be aired at 9:20 pm on the 28th (today) on the 28th (today) of the 17th episode of’Eat More’, a healing food mentorship of Lim Jiho, Kang Hodong and Emperor Jeseong.

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