Easyjet cabin crew want to go on strike in Spain for more money

MADRID According to the information, the flight attendants are primarily demanding a significant salary increase of at least 40 percent. The base salary is currently 950 euros a month, said the representative of the airline employees at USO, Miguel Galán. That is 850 euros less than in Germany or France. To make matters worse, Easyjet’s flight attendants are stationed in very expensive cities in Spain.

“We can hardly pay the rent or the mortgage with the basic salary,” emphasized Galán. Longer working hours would make ends meet. “But at the cost of less rest time and longer flight times.” Collective bargaining is completely deadlocked. The company shows no interest in improving the working conditions of employees in Spain. In addition to more money, they also demand a limitation on flight times, as is the case in other countries, and more frequent renewal of work clothes.

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