Easy Ways to Get Free Epic Weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile


This weekend is perfect for playing Call of Duty: MobileWhat’s more, if you play together online with friends during an emergency PPKM. There is a free epic weapon offer. Here’s how to get it.

Now all players can get this one epic weapon you know! Curious how to get this cool weapon? Let’s see how easy it is to get it!

Token Hunter with the prize ‘Peacekeeper – MK2 Golden Talon’

This cool assault rifle can now be owned by all players by completing missions at the token hunter event! The game technique of this event is not difficult and even provides an opportunity for all players to be able to help each other through the community and various Garena social media channels Call of Duty: Mobile Indonesia.

Basically all players must collect tokens in the form of weapon attachments consisting of muzzle, underbarrel, ammunition and stock. There are various ways for you to collect these tokens.

The first is to complete daily missions. The second is to give a code to a friend and the last is to get an impromptu code from Garena’s social media Call of Duty: Mobile Indonesia!

When the token you get is complete, then you can immediately claim the epic weapon, you know!

Curious about when the free tokens will be distributed on Garena Call of Duty: Mobile Indonesia social media? Look forward to more fun and more information only on Garena’s official Instagram and Facebook Call of Duty: Mobile Indonesia.

*This article is a collaboration between detikINET and Garena.

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