Easy Ways to Backup and Restore Chat on WhatsApp So You Don’t Get Lost When Changing a New Phone

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Check out an easy way to backup and restore chat data WhatsApp so as not to be lost.

Usually chat history WhatsApp will be deleted when the user moves the account WhatsAppto another phone.

However, this may not happen if the user first backs up and restores the chat WhatsApp the.

Known, Application WhatsApp indeed has been equipped with these features.

This chat backup and restore feature can be used via the “Settings” menu for each account WhatsApp.

By doing a backup and restore, your WhatsApp chat history can be stored safely and will not be deleted even if the WhatsApp account is moved to another cellphone.

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Here’s how to backup (restore) and restore (restore) chat history on WhatsApp:

How to Backup (suggest) chat WhatsApp

The first requirement that is needed so that the chat history on the old device can move to the new device is a number WhatsApp used must be the same as the number listed in the Gmail account.

The Gmail account used for the backup is the account that is signed in (signed in) on the phone.

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