Eastern Health Authority: 37,000 women benefited from the initiative to support maternal and fetal health

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Dr. Hisham Shawqi Masoud, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the Eastern Province, said that the medical teams working within the presidential initiative to support the health of the mother and the fetus in the governorate have provided medical services and conducted the necessary examinations for more than 37,000 pregnant women in Sharkia governorate so far, within 24 days since the pilot operation of the initiative Late last December 2020.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry stated that the medical teams in the initiative have provided medical services to 37,267 pregnant women in the governorate so far, indicating that the initiative aims to reach a generation of children enjoying good health and free from diseases transmitted from mother to fetus, and to reduce deaths from these diseases, as it targets women Pregnant women from the first day of pregnancy until birth, for early detection of various infectious diseases transmitted from the mother to the fetus and all diseases that may affect the health of the fetus, to prevent its transmission to it, in addition to the detection of sugar and pressure for pregnant women, adding that follow-up services are provided And treatment is through the medical centers and health units in the governorate, and the discoverer of their infection is directed and referred to receive the necessary evaluation and treatment at the referral hospitals specified in the governorate, according to the type of disease afflicted by the mother, in addition to activating and improving the quality of the routine services provided by the pregnant women care protocol through maternal and child care services.

He pointed out that it has been confirmed that medical clinics and examination places are equipped, and the availability of medical supplies in them, stressing the medical teams’ privacy of examination places, confidentiality of results, good treatment and good reception for the frequencies of the presidential initiative.

He added that the initiative targets the medical examination of 102,700 pregnant Egyptian and non-Egyptian women in the cities and villages of the Sharkia Governorate, in the age group above 18 years, between education, awareness and medical examination, through a medical team trained in the examination work of “doctors, nurses, data entry personnel, and rural pioneers. », Where the number of teams is 358 medical teams, on the number of 358 points.

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