“Easter Eggs” at the Kunstverein Offenbach

A work of art by Lukas Bleuel. (Photo: Bleuel/Art Association Offenbach)

In his artistic work, Lukas Bleuel examines the visual worlds in which people spend a lot of time these days. These are often game and movie worlds. Thus his paintings are to be understood as “contemplation games” and the demanding titles as a kind of game instructions that the viewer can at least mentally follow.

As a new element, Lukas Bleuel tries to integrate game mechanics into his artwork. These game mechanics are intended to present challenges to viewers or encourage them to ask questions.

Strictly speaking, Easter Egg is a name for a small hidden feature or gimmick in media or computer games. The attentive seeker can find and use a secret level or a special disguise or equipment for himself.

Lukas Bleuel was born in Fulda in 1988. He completed his degree at the Hamburg Academy of Art. During his master’s degree he mainly dealt with the process of visualizing images and started making large-scale watercolors, mainly as a reaction to the ever-increasing and faster consumption of images. After his Masters in 2015, numerous exhibitions all over Germany followed. He currently lives and works in Hamburg.

(Text: PM Kunstverein Offenbach)

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