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  • Kateryna Botanova
    A place of absence
    Serhij Bukovs’kyjs Film Spell Your Name
    (Eastern Europe 1-2/2021, S. 185??195)
  • Alfrun Kliems
    City, country, forest
    Spatial images in Czech film at the turn of the millennium
    (Eastern Europe 4-6/2021, S. 65??90)
  • Maria Engström
    Recycling the counterculture
    Full text
    The new aesthetics of the “second world”
    (Eastern Europe 5/2019, S. 55??72)
  • Sergei Loznitsa
    “You have to fight for freedom”
    On the Topicality of the Moscow Show Trials
    (Eastern Europe 8-9/2018, S. 71??74)
  • Staffan Julén
    Productive resistance
    Films with Svetlana Aleksievich
    (Eastern Europe 1-2/2018, S. 223??230)
  • Ulrich Schmid
    Polish victim stories
    Die Filme Miasto 44, Smolensk und Volhynia
    (Eastern Europe 11-12/2016, S. 135??148)
  • Zsófia Bán
    The recaptured body
    Two films about history and authenticity
    (Eastern Europe 6-7/2016, S. 33??41)
  • You Rottenberg
    Adolescence, war, trauma
    Art by Szapocznikow, Wajda and Wróblewski
    (Eastern Europe 6-7/2016, S. 3??32)
  • Giorgi Gvakharia
    Between compulsion and freedom
    Poetry and Realism in Georgian Film
    (Eastern Europe 7-10/2015, S. 613??630)
  • Boris Dubin
    Practical tests
    The Russian action thriller of the 1990s
    (Edition Eastern Europe 1, S. 61??84)
  • Magdalena Saryusz-Wolska, Carolin Piorun
    Missed debate
    Full text
    “Our mothers, our fathers” in Germany and Poland
    (Eastern Europe 11-12/2014, S. 115??132)
  • Stefan Auer
    Holocaust as fiction
    Full text
    From Andrzej Wajda to Quentin Tarantino
    (Eastern Europe 11-12/2014, S. 103??114)
  • Alexandre Marsh
    The First World War in Russian and Soviet cinema
    (Eastern Europe 2-4/2014, S. 339??350)
  • Christine Engel
    “War and peace”
    1812 with Tolstoj and with Dornhelm
    (Eastern Europe 1/2013, S. 93??102)
  • Magdalena Saryusz-Wolska
    The first Holocaust feature film
    Wanda Jakubowska’s “The Last Stage”
    (Eastern Europe 10/2012, S. 71??84)
  • Larisa Maljukova
    Pure black painting?
    Russia’s cinema at the turn of the millennium
    (Eastern Europe 1/2012, S. 109??126)
  • Michael Melnikow
    Image without original
    The blockade of Leningrad on television
    (Eastern Europe 8-9/2011, S. 329??342)
  • “The story remains misunderstood”
    Sergei Loznitsa on the war in his work
    (Eastern Europe 8-9/2011, S. 323??328)
  • Eva Binder
    “Leningrad’s Hero Tat”
    The cinematic processing of the blockade
    (Eastern Europe 8-9/2011, S. 300??322)
  • Andrea Zink
    Try beyond nothing
    Chernobyl in text and pictures
    (Eastern Europe 7/2011, S. 81??94)
  • Verena Mogl
    Music in motion
    Mieczysław Weinberg’s compositions for the film
    (Eastern Europe 7/2010, S. 123??138)
  • Dobrochna Dabert
    The upheaval
    1989 in Polish film
    (Eastern Europe 2-3/2009, S. 283??290)
  • Isabelle de Keghel
    Faith, Guilt, and Salvation
    Religion in the new Russian war film
    (Eastern Europe 1/2009, S. 97??108)
  • Natascha Drubek-Meyer
    Victims and “corpse burners”
    The “Jewish Issue” in Czech Literature and Film
    (Eastern Europe 6/2008, S. 341??356)
  • Andrea Meyer-Fraatz
    Balkan beat, Eskimos and a Polish cream cake
    East in Emir Kusturica’s film Arizona Dream
    (Eastern Europe 5/2007, S. 189??200)
  • Helena Srubar
    Magic from the east
    Pan Tau conquers the West German screens
    (Eastern Europe 5/2007, S. 69??82)
  • Isabelle de Keghel
    Unusual perspectives
    World War II in recent Russian films
    (Eastern Europe 4-6/2005, S. 337??346)
  • Neja Zorkaja
    Cinema in times of war
    Visualizations from 1941 to 1945
    (Eastern Europe 4-6/2005, S. 319??336)
  • Michael John
    The power of the light muses
    Musical film comedies and Soviet ideology
    (Eastern Europe 11/2004, S. 63??74)
  • Christine Engel
    Big Brother po-russki
    The reality show Za steklom
    (Eastern Europe 8/2003, S. 1137??1148)
  • Ivo Bock
    No sign of decline
    Cinema, theater and books in East Central Europe
    (Eastern Europe 6/2003, S. 808??820)
  • Christine Engel
    Cultural memory, new discourses
    Two Russian films about the wars in Chechnya
    (Eastern Europe 5/2003, S. 604??617)



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