Sport Earthquake Conte: Marotta and Zhang cornered | News

Earthquake Conte: Marotta and Zhang cornered | News


Words of fire, a targeted and certainly premeditated attack. Antonio Conte broke with theInter on an evening that apparently was supposed to be a party, kisses and hugs. But no, the Nerazzurri coach exploded and put such a big question mark on the future. Will remain? Difficult to give a certain answer now, but these words have already triggered an earthquake that will certainly lead to important consequences. Count against society: all guilty, by the president Steven Zhang who “is in China” a Beppe Marotta. An important jerk.

“At the end of the season I will evaluate my future”, the closure of Conte after an outburst made of a thousand arrows. From that “I had fun zero” to “we took shovels of shit and nobody protected us” passing by “I only know what I had to do to get to Lukaku” and “there are the same problems reported by Spalletti in 2017”: phrases that are a clear sign that the relationship is not idyllic. Already at the beginning of July something had been intuited after a similar but more peaceful outburst after the knockout against Bologna: Ora the former Juve he came out of the closet, with no hair on his tongue, and put Inter’s leadership on the wall, who has not yet reacted publicly. An uncomfortable situation also because the season is not over yet and the Europa League has to be played, an important goal for the Nerazzurri.

Conte felt betrayed by Marotta and the owner: there are many themes on the plate. From the restart of the championship to the market. While dreaming Messi, Inter finds itself with the Conte grain that will not be easy to solve. The key is the 12 million euro salary that the technician receives per season which makes the exemption practically a utopia. Considering that even the resignation is not very popular, we will have to sit at the table and find a way out because peace is now always very difficult to achieve. So the second place just one point away from Juventus has gone into the background, the future is a puzzle.

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