Earnings of MBA graduates in 2021

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25 percent people with an MBA diploma earned less than PLN 8503 per month, and another 25 percent. over PLN 20,000. 10 percent Top earners with this diploma received salaries of at least PLN 28,230. The median salary of women with an MBA diploma was PLN 10,144, and of men PLN 14,500.

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1157 people with MBA diplomas participated in the National Remuneration Survey (OSW). 66 percent of these people were men, 56 percent. worked in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants (excluding Warsaw), 55 percent was employed in companies with the number of employees 250 or more, and the seniority of 51%. of the respondents was at least 16 years old.

The table below presents the total salaries of people with an MBA diploma working in Polish and foreign companies. The study found wage differences between these types of organizations. The median earnings in Polish companies amounted to PLN 10,936, and in foreign ones PLN 16,069, i.e. by as much as 47%. more.

The salaries of people with a master’s or master’s degree in engineering were also compared to those with an MBA degree. In the case of masters, people with an MBA degree earned 95 percent. more than people without such a diploma, and the median of their remuneration amounted to PLN 12,100. In the case of masters of engineering, this difference was already 102%, and the median salary of people with an MBA diploma was PLN 14,600. In the case of people with a doctorate, the median salary was PLN 8,000, and in the case of people with an additional MBA diploma, the median was PLN 14,500, i.e. 45 percent. more.

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Differences in the amount of remuneration of people with and without an MBA diploma were also noticeable among managers and directors. The median salary of managers with an MBA diploma was PLN 13,000, ie it was 55% higher. compared to managers without him. In the case of directors, the difference was 43%, and the median wage of people with an MBA diploma in this group was PLN 20,000.

People with MBA degrees received the highest salaries in private companies. The median wages there amounted to PLN 14,300, while 25 percent. people with the highest earnings received wages higher than PLN 21,500. In state-owned companies, the median salary was PLN 10,469. The lowest salaries were received by people working in companies owned by local government units. The median wages in these companies was PLN 7,571.

The monthly salary rates for people with an MBA diploma in selected positions are presented below. The highest salaries were received by CEOs with a median salary of PLN 22,250. Not much lower was received by finance and controlling directors with a median of PLN 21,939, while the median of salaries of sales directors was PLN 20,000. Project Managers and IT Project Managers are also included in the chart. In the case of the former, the median salary was PLN 11,280, and in the case of the latter, PLN 15,000.

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