EA SPORTS FC 24: Conditions, Limitations, and Access Requirements

Conditions and limitations apply. Further information is available at.

To play, requires EA SPORTS FC 24 (sold separately), all game updates, an internet connection, an EA Account, and acceptance of the EA User Agreement (terms.ea.com). The EA Privacy & Cookie Policy (privacy.ea.com/de) applies. FC Points not available in Belgium. For the base game: Acceptance of the EA User Agreement (terms.ea.com) required to play. The EA Privacy & Cookie Policy (privacy.ea.com/de) applies. I agree that personal data collected through my use of EA’s services may be transferred to the United States in the manner described in the Privacy and Cookie Policy. Online features require an Internet connection & may require an EA Account & an account on the applicable platform. The minimum age for access may vary: see o.ea.com/ea/child-access-de & information about the account on the platform. EA may provide additional content &/or updates free of charge. Mandatory updates may be downloaded automatically, incur broadband charges & require additional storage space. Access to updates may require additional purchases if that content is not necessary for the base game. The product collects data for in-game advertising. EA may discontinue online features upon 30 days’ notice to users.
FC Points optional and not required for Ultimate Team.

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2023-09-21 22:10:07
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