EA leaks the cover of Need for Speed: Unbound, a new game ahead of its official launch this week.

Wario 64 Game News EA has discovered that EA’s official website has leaked the “Need for Speed: Unbound” cover, which is expected to be a new NFS game launching this week.

As observed from the leaked images, the car on the cover of Need for Speed: Unbound is believed to be a Mercedes-Benz 190 E Evolution (not sure if version I or II) and has animated style graphics. According to information leaked earlier

Additionally, Wario 64 found that the cover of the previous Need for Speed ​​game on EA’s website was recolored in green / black / white just like Unbound. It’s to welcome the new game.

EA has revealed that the new Need for Speed ​​game will be released on October 6 at 10pm.

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