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EA explains why Star Wars Squadrons cost 40 euros • Gamingnation

Star Wars Squadron’s price will likely dampen your expectations for this game. That’s actually kind of what EA had hoped for.

Many of you will have learned that Star Wars Squadronds will not be in stores for the full blow. That actually has a very good reason. The EA Motive team did not need a lot of time to develop the game and was the perfect candidate to boost EA’s line-up for this fall. The cheaper price should already reveal that the game is not that massive and that is also EA’s intention.

In a conversation with investors, EA’s COO Blake Jorgensen was asked why this price tag was chosen. He replied by saying that games have various ‘scalas’ and that most EA games are of a wide range.

However, the company has listened to the community when developing this game and it was most evident that gamers want to get into an X-wing or TIE Fighter and get into the fight. As a result, the game is not very wide in terms of content, but would therefore be no less good.

In addition, Jorgensen also remembered that this is not the first time EA has released games for less than the ‘full blow’. The Plants vs Zombie games also appeared for a cheaper price. This was because the games are for a younger audience and are not as wide as other games from the publisher.

At Star Wars Squadrons, the price is also lower to dampen the expectations of the fans. Star Wars Squadrons will be released on October 2 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game also gets VR support on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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