EA continues to produce Star Wars games continuously.

After LucasFlim Games recently announced a partnership with two popular game companies, EA announced that it will continue to produce Star Wars games and have several projects in hand.

Following the release of LucasFilm Games, the movement of the game under the coverage of LucasFlim has now been announced in two games together with the two major EA companies who have previously held the rights. Not inferior Has announced that there will be development of several other Star Wars games together.

Of course, the emergence of LucasFilm Games inevitably affected the copyright for the Star Wars game that is now in EA’s hands. And will expire by the year 2023 that they can continue to produce games in this universe. But they just can’t have a monopoly on only one as before. As we have learned of a recent partnership with Ubisoft.

LucasFilm Games Vice President Douglas Reilly commented on the issue: “We remain proud of the game created with EA and we will continue to work together. At the moment, we have a number of projects under development with EA’s very talented team that we cannot provide details at all. “

And EA has also released announcements to confirm the partnership still exists to produce the game in this universe.

In the recent years, the Star Wars license under EA’s hands hasn’t been going well. There were only three games being produced, and the news was not very good, such as the canceled project, the studio that had to be shut down. And the issue of Loot Boxes, but the three games that came out were considered successful to some extent.

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said in June 2020 that the company plans to focus on making more games based on the Star Wars universe. Since then, Disney has begun to invest more and more in the universe.

I have to wait and see what EA will have to surprise us and LucasFlim Games will announce something more. Will have to wait and continue to watch with this continuous movement

News sources: PC Gamer

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