E403 at Lichtervelde closed by going up … (Lichtervelde)

Lichtervelde –

Due to the heat, the road surface on the E403 – A17 near Lichtervelde, towards Bruges, has risen. The highway is temporarily closed there. All traffic must leave the motorway via exit 9 Lichtervelde.

“The road surface has risen due to the heat. The connection of two plates is always a weak point, especially in such heat, ”says Veva Daniels, spokesman for the Roads and Traffic Agency. According to Daniels it happens more often and this was to be expected. “We just didn’t know where exactly it would happen”.


The motorway is currently closed, it is not yet clear when it will be allowed to use the motorway again. “The police do not consider it safe to let people drive through the hard shoulder, so everything is now closed”. Motorists must leave the motorway via exit 9 Lichtervelde and must follow the emergency diversion with the letter C to entrance 10 Torhout. There you can re-enter the highway.

Those coming from further afield in the direction of Bruges should take the E17 to Ghent and take the E40 there. The Traffic Center asks to take into account possible delays in the diversion.

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