Dynamite is one of the favorite songs one year after the premiere

We know that the support of ARMY and the talent of BTS are the best combination, that’s why Dynamite has managed to maintain its great impact one year after reaching the music platforms.

Since last year the dynamics in the music industry have undergone some changes, but although at the moment it is not possible that Bangtan Sonyeondan meet with his fans, the idols of HYBE They have made sure to continue to spoil their fans.

We recently enjoyed premieres like Butter and Permission To Dance, but before them one of the first tunes to be released was Dynamite, an entirely English track that even earned BTS a nomination for GRAMMY.

The records for Dynamite They arrived from the first moment, but a year after their launch their impact continues and maintains an impressive force. The song of the group BigHit has remained all this time within the Top 40 of the list of most popular songs of YouTube, which tells us how widely heard this melody is.

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Dynamite’s brand on Spotify until 2021

YouTube is not the only place where this song continues to shine and receive great support from fans, because within Spotify they have also left their mark.

Dynamite currently holds the title for being the first song by a Korean act that has been on the Top 200 list for a whole year on Spotify’s Global Chart, adding another achievement for the group’s upbeat melody.

The video musical This song has already exceeded 1,200,000,000 reproductions and its numbers continue to increase as a sign of the attention it is receiving despite the passage of time.

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