Dying from the corona virus: what the first post-mortems show

The Security requirements are high: Full body suit, FFP3 masks, Vacuum so that no pathogens can escape: At the diagnostic and research center for Pathology of the MedUni Graz all patients of the university hospital Graz autopsied, “who were diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 infection and who died in our home,” says the center director Gerald Höfler. So far, there have been 18, out of 14 there are now first results.

“Twelve of them clearly died from the consequences of their Covid 19 disease. They all had severe lung changes – such as the typical damage to the alveoli – that ultimately led to death.” It is also in most other organs virus was verifiable: “But here more detailed investigations are necessary to determine possible damage.”

Only two of the infected had underlying diseases as the cause of death. “From previous experience I have to say clearly: Most die directly from Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus is caused. And not with Covid, as is sometimes discussed. “

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