Dyes for brunettes that will take years off your back in 2021

Brown and blonde dyes are history, because what is now fashionable in the field of beauty is to do a masterful combination of light and dark tones to take several years off and give a special glow to the skin with the perfect tone, so this 2021 brunettes are the most favored with trends.

In the world of fashion, you cannot talk but beauty is involved. So one of the most anticipated trends of 2021 are the dyes and coloring techniques that will make you want a change in your hair in an immediate way. Well, it’s not just about pretty dyes, but colors that will take several years off your appearance, in addition to adding a very natural glow to the skin.

Looking for the key to taking years off a woman’s face, experts have found that only two keys are needed to achieve it; looking for areas where the hair is a shade lighter than the original shade, especially in the locks that frame the face highlighting the natural tan of a brunette, contrasting with the natural dark tone of the hair.

Golden Brown

For women who can’t decide whether to be blonde or brown, Golden Brown is the best option, as well as being a very natural and beautiful shade for brunettes. This dye is one of the favorites by many celebrities, so a favorite dye was needed for brunettes to help them get rid of several years, especially in this beginning of the year of 2021.

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Coffe latte balayage

Balayage is a trend from last year that in 2021 has gained greater strengthFor this, you only need to preserve the intensity of the hair or the natural tone of the main part that are the roots and let the rest little by little have a natural degradation to the lighter tone of your hair, being a technique that will be divine in hands of the experts of this art in your hair.

Chestnut hair

Model Kylie Jenner knows red is perfect for brunettes, so an opportunity that no brunette should miss in 2021 is to dye her hair red. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a hot red in the style of Rihanna, but you can opt for a natural shape, being one of this year’s favorites with copper highlights to illuminate and relax the features.

Creamy capuccino

A brunette who is a big fan of blonde cannot miss out on experimenting with blonde hair dye. Especially since the creamy cappuccino tint is a very beautiful and natural option to make a transition with your dark hair to blonde. The perfect shade of blonde will make your skin look a natural tan on your face, in addition to bringing more luminosity to the skin without much effort.

Dreamy pink

For brunette women who want to leave behind everything that 2020 brought to their life and start from scratch with a new but very fashionable change, using dramy pink hair dye is the best decision. Although many women, especially older women, are a little afraid of pastel colors in their hair, in reality it is a way to give color to gray hair and above all to make everyone fall in love with such a risky bet.

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The color pink is the perfect tone for brunettes, especially a dye that has a pink color very similar to strawberry, giving a youthful air but above all taking several years off with a fun touch, making the features finer and sweeter. facials, removing up to 10 years less from the top, with a simple dye (of course, taking care of the hair correctly) so the experts recommend it with a soft gradient, leaving the roots dark.


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