Dybala’s girlfriend, Oriana Sabatini, reveals the symptoms she had prior to being positive for coronavirus – Ten

Great personalities are not exempt from coronavirus and this Saturday the world has been surprised when Paulo Dybala revealed that he contracted the virus, as well as his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini and a third person who lives with them in Italy.

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And precisely the model, actress and singer gave very explicit details of what she felt in the last hours. “Two days ago we did the test, which was positive. We are fine, otherwise I would not be making this video,” he said.

Coronavirus symptoms in Oriana Sabatini

“I had symptoms, a cough, my body and head hurt a lot, and a constant tiredness. I kept training because I didn’t know I was infected. I noticed that my breathing had changed a lot and not exactly for the better. Now the symptoms have decreased, I’m better Although I still have that tired feeling, but I’m not as bad as before. I’m fine anyway, in general, “said the beautiful girlfriend of the Juventus.

The statement by the 23-year-old is eloquent about how the pandemic. In that same video, Oriana explained that they have been in quarantine for nine days, asked that each person stay at home and warned that the next test will be done on March 31.

Everything he said in the video broadcast by Instagram:
“Well, as some people know and others don’t, I have been living in Italy with my boyfriend (Dybala) for a long time, I came here a month and a half ago. I wanted to make this video so that false news does not come out or information that is not going around It is, especially because of the people close to me, although all of them already know it, I have already spoken with those people. But just in case I preferred that it came out of my mouth and not from the mouth of another person, “he kept saying.

“A few days ago, exactly two days ago, we did the test with my boyfriend and one other person who is living in the house with us to see if we had coronavirus and today they gave us the results and we are all positive.

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“Nothing, obviously we are fine, otherwise I would not be making this video like that. I had symptoms, cough, my body hurt a lot, my head hurt a lot. I was constantly tired. I kept training because I did not know that I was infected. Then I noticed that my Breathing had changed a lot and not exactly for the better Ehh now the symptoms have subsided, I am better, I still have that tired feeling but not as bad as before.

“Ehh I’m fine anyway, in general shots. But I wanted to make this video too, maybe it will surely attract attention and a lot of portals will put it up, we are informed 24/7 about what is happening with the virus especially being in Italy, which is one of the countries, the most affected country in the world at the moment. In Argentina my friends, my family are still there and I’m constantly seeing news of people who are going on vacation, who are taking advantage of going to the coast or whatever And I think they are not realizing how serious the situation is and how serious it would be if in a country like Argentina that many people are infected at the same time, that it is a huge quilombo, so to speak, in the hospitals and people have to die not because of the lethality of the virus but because they cannot supply the hospitals, there is no material and it is basically chaos.

“Nothing, I appreciate all the messages and also wanted to take advantage of it so that people do not worry because sometimes the word coronavirus by itself scares a lot, so to say that for us young people it is quite mild. But for our parents, grandparents, uncles and whatever it is, it may not be. So stay at home, quarantine. We were going for day nine and now we have to wait until March 31st to be tested again and see how everything goes. Thank you , I hope that they continue taking care of ourselves, we are responsible and we take care of each other. “


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