Dwarf tomato seeds will be launched on the space station

SpaceX’s 26th commercial booster is scheduled to launch this weekend, including a pair of new solar panels and even ice cream to celebrate Thanksgiving. Besides of course, guess what? Dwarf tomato seeds and a series of scientific experiments for the International Space Station.

The Dragon spacecraft is due to take off on Saturday (26th), the cargo also includes various health-related items. By the way, astronauts need nutrients for long journeys, among the different space crops is the tomato. Space crew members will be able to add some dwarf tomatoes to their diet, especially the Red Robi variety.

In addition to vegetables, the “salad” space consists of different types of lettuce, radishes and peppers grown in season. The tomato seeds will not be grown under two different light treatments to measure their impact on the number of tomatoes that can be harvested, as well as the nutritional value and flavor of the plants.

Red Robin tomatoes will also be grown on Earth.

Stay tuned! In this new section, we will bring news and content on tomato culture, published periodically on our portal.

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