Dwarf Dwarf, following Lisa Galkina, put on trousers with stripes

The secular lioness arranged a home photo session with the heir to Evgeni Plushenko.

Yana Rudkovskaya. Photo: instagram.com/rudkovskayaofficial/

Yana Rudkovskaya became famous not only as a producer, but also as a real fashionista. She follows trends and regularly replenishes her wardrobe with exquisite outfits from world brands. Moreover, Evgeni Plushenko’s wife has amassed an impressive collection of Louis Vuitton chests. She also loves to dress up all of her family members. Her son Sasha, whose family name is Gnome Gnomych, has been participating in fashion shows from an early age. And the four-month-old son Arseny, the girl immediately began to dress up in Dior and Chanel bows.

Even at home, Yana loves to look good. She dresses in pajamas. The other day, Plushenko’s wife shared a touching photo with the younger heir. Now she arranged a home photo session with her eldest son. The socialite dressed up with him in the same style. She appeared in an indigo velvet pajama-style suit. Dwarf Dwarf put on a tracksuit with stripes of the same color.

“The color of the mood is blue,” wrote the star.

Note that stripes are not in trend for the first season. She also likes to wear trousers with stripes and Alla Pugacheva’s daughter, Lisa. A seven-year-old girl wears such trousers at home. Fans admired not only Yana, but also her stylish son. “Not only blue, but also velor”, “You are very stylish”, “Sasha is a good, smart boy”, “Excellent color, sporty and fashionable style”, “Such a wonderful boy,” subscribers commented on the post.

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