Dutch Warships Found in England, Surprising Contents!


A warship Dutch from the 17th century found drowned in English waters. The ship turned out to contain treasure that is quite valuable.

The researchers found warship off the coast of Sussex, England. Based on the identification results, it is known that the warship was named Little Hollandia.

Built in 1656, the warship belongs to the Rotterdam Navy. The ship was involved in several major wars during this time, one of which was the second Anglo-Dutch War that occurred between 1665-1667.

Shipwreck Little Hollandia found at a depth of 32 meters. Prior to being identified as the Klein Hollandia, the wreck was known among divers as the ‘Unknown Wreck of Eastbourne’.

Little Hollandia sank in 1672 and was rediscovered in 2019 by a research team. The find was immediately put on the list of antiquities protected by the Wrecks Act of 1973.

Warship Klein Hollandia Photo: (doc. Historic England)

The research team involved in Historic England, Nautical Archaeology Society and Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) conducted intensive research on the wreck.

As a result, they found that there were many remains left in the ship. The remains include cannons, pottery, jars and ceramic fragments of Italian marble.

The marble tiles are thought to have come from the Apuan Alps near the city of Carrara, Italy. According to the researchers, the marble tiles would be sent to the Netherlands to be used in the homes of the rich there at that time.

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“The discovery of an impressive number of wooden hull structures, cannons, finely cut marble tiles and pottery finds all indicate that this was a warship Dutch from the late 17th century returning from Italy,” said Mark Beattie-Edwards, CEO Nautical Archaeology Society who led the expedition.

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