Dutch Tesla owners threaten the manufacturer …

A group of dissatisfied Tesla owners have united in the Netherlands and are threatening to file a lawsuit against the American manufacturer of electric cars. According to the Tesla Claim Foundation, customers experience many problems with the electric cars. “In the autopilot function, for example, the car can suddenly brake on the highway”, the foundation says.

“Tesla sells electric cars with the promise of being virtually maintenance-free and profiles itself as a“ service-oriented ”brand. In both areas, the experience of many Tesla drivers is at odds with the promises, ”says Tesla Claim Foundation.

According to dissatisfied customers, drive shafts need to be replaced after a number of journeys and doors sometimes open by themselves or do not open anymore. Also, the promised power and range are not achieved in practice.

A spokesperson for the Dutch foundation estimates that at least half of the Teslas sold suffers from one or more of the aforementioned problems. If the customer then reports a defect to Tesla, the company would hardly be reachable. According to the foundation, it sometimes takes a month before an appointment can be scheduled for a repair.

The group does not want to say how big the compensation per car is that it is demanding from the car manufacturer. “Negotiations have not proved fruitful so far,” said the spokesman.


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