“Dutch Internet Providers Required to Block Lookmovie and Flixtor Streaming Services After Brein Wins Lawsuit Against KPN”

Dutch internet providers must block the streaming services Lookmovie and Flixtor after Brein won a lawsuit. The case was against KPN, but providers have agreed to accept such judgments.

Lookmovie and Flixtor are two streaming services that offer movies and series for free or for a fee. Lookmovie also offers Dutch films. Brein says that the services do not have permission for this and therefore infringe the copyrights of the right holders.

KPN argues that such a blockade is not an effective measure, because the blockades can be circumvented. The judge did not agree with this, because research shows that such blockades are effective. “It cannot be ruled out that internet users circumvent blockades via VPN connections, but it is plausible that a blockage of the websites means that these sites are no longer accessible to normal internet users, at least considerably more difficult”, writes the judge.

KPN has five working days under the judgment to block the two platforms, including proxies and mirrors. Although the lawsuit was only filed against this provider, other Dutch providers will adopt the verdict. At the end of 2021, they signed a covenant in which they agreed on this. In addition to KPN, Ziggo, T-Mobile, Delta Fiber Netherlands and a number of smaller providers also participate in this covenant.

2023-05-30 13:03:03
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