Dutch drug trafficker arrested in Spain for money laundering 6 million euros (VIDEO)

Spanish police have arrested a prominent Dutch drug trafficker of Colombian descent who they say was a member of the Cali drug cartel. The man who lives in Marbella was arrested in Málaga. He is suspected of laundering at least six million euros in crypto coins. Which to write Spanish media.

According to the police, the Dutch suspect, whose identity has not been disclosed, has served for years as a European representative of the former Cali cartel, mainly in Great Britain and the Netherlands. He is also said to have been associated with the number one on Interpol’s most wanted list.

Luxury home

According to the police, the man was widely involved in the laundering of drug money. During a raid on his luxury home in Marbella, investigators confiscated 85,000 euros in cash, 15 credit cards, three luxury watches, multiple data carriers and three luxury cars. A bank account was also seized.

In his Dutch home in Delft, USD 170,000 (more than EUR 143,000) in cryptocurrency and numerous documentaries and computer equipment were seized, including various cryptocurrency wallets.


The arrest took place after a joint investigation by the Dutch and Spanish police and the tax authorities. The investigation started in 2018 when it appeared that the Dutchman was on the run from the Dutch police and a criminal group was active in Málaga that laundered drug money. Last summer it was discovered that the man had settled in Marbella.

Cocaine trade

During the investigation, Dutch authorities found that the fugitive had evolved from being a direct middleman in drug trafficking to laundering profits from cocaine trafficking. For example, he made use of cryptocurrencies and had moved to Marbella to set up a company dedicated to trading them.

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The Dutch authorities have calculated that he laundered more than six million euros with this type of currency.

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