Duta Sheila on 7 Gets Criticism After Expressing Condolences for the Death of Eben Burgerkill

PR TASIKMALAYA The sad news that came from the Indonesian music scene, namely the death of Eben, a member of the Burgerkill band, left a feeling of sorrow for fans and other fellow musicians.

No exception for band vocalists Sheila on 7, Ambassador. Ambassador convey a taste condolences himself for the departure of the metal band from Bandung.

Previously, Eben, whose real name was Aris Tanto, was reported to have died at 15.59 WIB.

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Eben Burgerkill It is suspected that he breathed his last shortly before being rushed to the Bungsu Hospital, Bandung City.

However, it is known for certain that Eben Burgerkill was dead when he arrived at the hospital.

News of the death Eben Burgerkill made many netizens and fellow musicians devastated because his departure was so sudden and earlier, Eben Burgerkill still had time to make an Instagram story.

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