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Düsseldorf: bomb defused – THAT is why it took so long



Düsseldorf: 30,000 people were evacuated after the bomb was found – THEREFORE it took so long

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A World War II bomb was found in Düsseldorf. (Archive)

A World War II bomb was found in Düsseldorf. (Archive)

Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen / dpa

Dusseldorf. Bomb find in Dusseldorf! During construction work on Friday afternoon on the site of the former correctional facility (JVA) in Dusseldorf-Derendorf found a bomb.

The unexploded ordnance – a British ten-centimeter bomb with a detonator – must be defused on Friday on Ulmenstrasse. According to the city, up to 11,650 people have to leave their homes within a 500-meter radius of the site. Residents who live at least 500 meters from the place of discovery may at least stay in their homes during the disarming, but not outside. Around 19,245 people are affected.

All information in the live ticker:

Düsseldorf: Bomb find in the state capital – defusing completed

01.15 a.m .: At last! The British World War II bomb is defused!

12:26 am: The defusing has started! Fingers crossed!

11.41 p.m .: Incomprehensible! According to the fire brigade, some people have appeared in the actually evacuated area and refuse to go. The defusing is delayed.

10.42 p.m .: According to the fire department, there are currently around 450 people in the care center.

10.15 p.m .: The crisis team meets, and the time for defusing should be determined in the next half hour.

10:03 p.m .: The fire brigade is now asking that all residents within 500 meters of the bomb stay in their homes. A stay outside is no longer permitted.

9.40 p.m .: The fire department thanks everyone for their support!

9:22 pm: On Twitter, the fire brigade shows an excerpt from the support center of the Max Planck High School:

8:31 pm: According to the company, a total of more than 500 fire, police, city, emergency services and aid organizations are deployed.

7:52 p.m .: The bomb disposal in Düsseldorf also affects rail traffic. The Derendorf stop is no longer applicable – the following S-Bahn lines are affected:

  • S 1: Dortmund – Bochum – Essen – Mülheim (Ruhr) – Duisburg – Düsseldorf – Solingen
  • S 6: Essen – Ratingen Ost – Düsseldorf – Langenfeld (Rheinl) – Cologne
  • S 11: Düsseldorf Airport Terminal – Düsseldorf – Neuss – Dormagen – Cologne – Bergisch Gladbach

7.20 p.m .: The fire brigade and the city stop the people who live 500 meters away from the bomb, stay in their apartments from 10 p.m. and stay as far away from glass surfaces as possible.

In the outer radius (danger zone B), which encompasses the space 1,000 meters around the place of discovery, from 10 p.m. people are required to stay in their houses and as far away from glass surfaces as possible

7.15 p.m .: The city announced that the affected areas must be evacuated by 10:00 p.m.

6.41 p.m .: Loudspeaker warning vehicles have been on the move since 5 p.m. to draw the attention of affected citizens. The fire brigade again points out the danger telephone, which can be reached at 3889 889.

17:57: The city announces that defusing is planned for “tonight, late evening”. So on Friday!

17:19 p.m .: The fire brigade asks that people who are within a radius of 500 meters from the bomb and cannot leave their home on their own should report promptly under 19222.

4.31 p.m .: Ulmenstraße, Johannstraße, Heinrich-Ehrhardt-Straße, Münsterstraße up to Jülicher Straße in the south and Kennedydamm are closed. The Kennedydamm itself remains open to traffic.

4:08 p.m .: According to the fire brigade, the Derendorf S-Bahn station must be blocked for deactivation.

15.53 p.m .: People who live in the inner ring and cannot leave their apartments themselves can order transportation by the fire department under 19222. Wheelchairs should be reported. The city has also set up a hazard phone, which can be reached at 388 9889.

3.49 p.m .: Accommodation will be set up in the Max Planck High School.

3.46 p.m .: The city of Düsseldorf reports that 11,650 people have to leave their homes within a 500-meter radius.

2.30 p.m .: Two old people’s homes are within the evacuation radius and must be evacuated. The city’s crisis management is alarmed.


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Then you want to give details of the process of bomb disposal.

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