Dušan Kunovský in Realitní Club: next year there is the biggest drop in interest in the history of the Czech Republic

In the next episode of the Realitní Club podcast, Petra Jansová and Dalibor Martínek of newstream.cz will welcome the richest home developer Dušan Kunovský. He listens to the new podcast already on Monday on newstream.cz and on all podcast platforms.

Developers have lost nearly fifty percent of their customers in the past year. In normal times, so-called mortgages represent just that, but due to rising interest rates, they are now postponing the purchase of real estate, Dušan Kunovský reports in the next episode of the Realitní Club podcast on newstream.cz.

“This is also why we expect one of the biggest falls in demand during the period of the independent Czech Republic. When we talk to financing experts about the situation, they all agree. a return to normal could occur when mortgages fall below three percent again“explains richest Czech developer Dušan Kunovský, who is also one of the ten richest Czechs.

How will this affect property prices and what projects will Central Group put on hold because of this? You will also learn this in the latest episode of the Realitní Club podcast, which you can listen already on monday 19 september on newstream.cz and all podcast platforms.

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