During the war, the musician quits the orchestra because of her reluctance to play Russian music.

Sparniņa says that at a time when sanctions are imposed on Russia and politicians are working to ensure that Ukraine receives the weapons it needs as soon as possible, musicians are doing the exact opposite – they are promoting Russian culture, while at the moment it should be somewhat muted. 11 musicians of the orchestra agree with the idea that music by Russian composers should not be played during the war, while three think that music by modern Russian composers should not be played. On the other hand, eight think that the music of Russian composers should be played.

The conductor of the chamber orchestra Schne explains to the program that he is open in the choice of repertoire and that music is an art that does not have any special message. The orchestra does not play music that glorifies the power of President Vladimir Putin or anything like that, says Schnee. The conductor also refused Sparniņa the unpaid leave she requested for the concerts of Russian authors, although it has been a common practice in the orchestra to receive unpaid leave for the duration of individual concerts, taking into account that all musicians work in several orchestras. As a result, Sparniņa has resigned.

The orchestra’s executive director, Aneta Tocha, believes that protesting against the repertoire is unfounded and is not a fight that will help Ukraine win the war.

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