‘During the Pandemic, We Changed Countries 5 Times: Australia-Thailand-Bali’


Ronan O’Connell is a freelance journalist. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ronan and his family moved 5 times. Check out the following story:

Since February 2020 until now, Ronan and his family have lived on the move, from one country to another. His profession as a freelance journalist makes him live traveling around the world.

Initially, Ronan with his wife and one child lived in Perth, Australia. However, circumstances forced them to move to Europe, specifically to Ireland, where Ronan’s mother lived.



After from Ireland, Ronan had to bring his wife and child back to Perth, Australia. But even that didn’t last long, because Ronan and his family decided to return to Europe and travel around several countries.

After Europe, the Ronan family’s next destination is Thailand. During his nomadic life during the pandemic, Ronan has visited 30 cities in 12 countries in total.

So how can Ronan live on the move?

Ronan first heard about the Corona virus in January 2020. At that time, he was writing about the chaos during the Chinese New Year in China. A few weeks later, Ronan made the decision to take their family to Ireland, where Ronan’s mother lived.

“Until mid-March 2020, we spent a lot of fun time in Ireland. However, at that time the COVID-19 pandemic hit Europe hard. We went back to Perth,” said Ronan, as quoted from Stuff NZ, Sunday (17/7/2022) .

After Perth, Ronan had to return to Europe for work. He had to travel to several countries to write news. For 4 months, they traveled from Belgium, Italy, to England.

In December 2021, Ronan had to be relocated to Thailand. That’s where the toughest phase. They had to fulfill written requirements, documents and entry permits were difficult. But in the end, they have lived in Thailand for the last 6 months.

This June, Ronan and his family are living in Bali. After from Bali, they plan to return to Perth. This time, for a permanent move.

“This does not make sense, but once the pandemic subsides and ends, so will our nomadic lives,” concluded Ronan.

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