During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pregnant Women Must Stay Fit


BEKASI – At time pandemic COVID-19 , the condition of the immune system for pregnant mother have to stay fit. In order for the body to stay in shape, the fulfillment of calcium and vitamin D for pregnant women must be maintained.

Because, in addition to maintaining the body’s immunity, calcium and vitamin D also have an important role in bone health, fetal teeth, and the formation of the skeleton of the head. Also read: Children Under 12 Years Old Allowed to Enter Malls, Deputy Governor of DKI: Signs of Jakarta Getting Better

Lack of vitamin D during pregnancy can reduce the level of calcium in the bones of the fetus. This can increase the baby’s risk of developing rickets, which is a condition where the bones become brittle after birth.

One option to meet the needs of pregnant women is Hijavit-D, a dietary supplement containing a balanced composition of vitamins and minerals, which can meet nutritional needs during pregnancy so as to optimize the health of the mother and fetus.

Mada Pujangga from Bunda Global Pharma said, Hijavit-D has important ingredients for pregnant women. , Zinc Sulphate,” said Mada, Monday (20/9/2021).

Mada continued, malnutrition during pregnancy can occur if the daily nutritional intake is not met properly. This condition should not be taken lightly because there are various adverse effects of malnutrition during pregnancy. Also read:
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“If this happens, there will be many impacts for pregnant women, including severe morning sickness, decreased appetite, poor diet, and picky eating habits,” he explained.




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