During the concert of “Dueta Sandra”, a thorough fight broke out

A Valmiera resident is currently sleeping in a hospital with serious head injuries sustained in a fight in a nightclub, where he was beaten and robbed during a weekend during the performance of “Dueta Sandra”, reports “Degpunkta” reports.

At night, from Saturday to Sunday, a young man went for a night walk in Valmiera along Cēsu Street. His wife says that Ruslan’s attention was suddenly drawn to the fun sounds of live music. It turns out that pop music performers “Duets Sandra” performed in the nightclub “Kāre”. Interested, Ruslan went to listen to the concert, but then the entertainment evening went very wrong.

She admitted that Ruslan had drunk a couple of beers. “Coming to this square, at the entrance to this square, the so-called beer garden, he was attacked from behind. According to the people at that moment, he has been hit hard with a cup of beer on his head, ”says Undine, the victim’s wife.

The attackers thoroughly beat Ruslan and left him asleep unconscious near a dance floor in a green yard. Everything in the victim’s clothes pockets was taken – a wallet, about 300 euros in cash and a mobile phone.

Mike was taken off, the jacket was taken off and the pants were halfway there. As far as I understood, after [citu cilvēku] according to him, he was probably dragged to that tree. When the police arrived, they put on a bag and covered it so that he would not freeze until the ambulance arrived, because he only became conscious when the ambulance had lifted him on a stretcher, ”says Ruslan’s wife.

The main injuries are two outflows of the blood vessels in the head, which have caused very large so-called hematomas. Now we have to wait for them to be absorbed. If it is not absorbed, surgery will be needed so that there is no pressure on the brain and no lasting effects. In case of improper treatment or non-absorption of hematomas, a man may develop epilepsy or speech problems.

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