Duncan Laurence collaborated with new friend on songs | NOW

He has written six songs on Duncan Laurence’s debut album, which will be released in November, with his new friend Jordan. The Eurovision winner opens on Thursday Eve that his friend works as a songwriter.

Laurence was in Los Angeles until the beginning of May, where he worked on his EP and debut album. There he met his new friend, who went to the Netherlands with the singer.

“He co-wrote about six songs,” says the artist, who met Arcade won the Eurovision Song Festival in 2019. “We wrote a lot together. I actually produce all of my own songs too, so that’s an ideal combination.”

Laurence announced the arrival of his debut album on Wednesday Small Town Boy which can be heard from 13 November. He will perform the songs on this CD for the first time during a show in the Ziggo Dome on November 17.


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