– Dumped her over the phone

In April next year may Duchess Kate (38) and Prince William (38) celebrate a full ten years as husband and wife. The lavish fairytale wedding stood in Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 – a date that has undoubtedly entered the history books.

The duke and princess met for the first time in 2001, when both were students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and today they are happy parents to the three children Prince George (7), Princess Charlotte (5) and Prince Louis (2).

However, the road to marriage has not only been easy. In a new, royal book written by the British historian Robert Lacey, it is claimed that Prince William in 2007 allegedly dumped his then girlfriend Kate Middleton – over the phone.

In the book “Battle of Brothers”, Lacey writes that the future king must have been uncertain about the future with Middleton, and therefore dumped her over the phone while she was at work on April 11, 2007.

A number of international media have covered the case, including Us Magazine.

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– Dumped at work

Prince William, then 25, had been dating Middleton for several years.

“Kate was in a meeting at Jigsaw, the store she had recently started working at, and apologized for taking a phone call from William in a room where no one could hear her,” reads a passage from the book. Daily Mail published recently.

‘She closed the door and stayed there for an hour. When she came out again, she was single “, it is further stated.

<img itemprop="image" data-defer="view" title="BACK THEN: Here are William and Kate in March 2007 – just under a month before the prince is said to have dumped his girlfriend. Photo: Carl De Souza / AFP / NTB” alt=”BACK THEN: Her er William og Kate i mars 2007 – en knapp måned før prinsen skal ha dumpet sin kjæreste. Foto: Carl De Souza / AFP / NTB” class=” lazyload ” data-srcset=”https://dbstatic.no/72942888.jpg?imageId=72942888&x=0&y=0&cropw=99.278499278499&croph=96.16935483871&width=534&height=372&compression=70 640w,https://dbstatic.no/72942888.jpg?imageId=72942888&x=0&y=0&cropw=99.278499278499&croph=96.16935483871&width=632&height=439&compression=80 1024w,https://dbstatic.no/72942888.jpg?imageId=72942888&x=0&y=0&cropw=99.278499278499&croph=96.16935483871&width=688&height=477&compression=80 1240w” data-src=”https://dbstatic.no/72942888.jpg?imageId=72942888&x=0&y=0&cropw=99.278499278499&croph=96.16935483871&width=688&height=477″ loading=”lazy”/>
BACK THEN: Here are William and Kate in March 2007 – just under a month before the prince is said to have dumped his girlfriend. Photo: Carl De Souza / AFP / NTB
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Only ten weeks after the phone call where William is said to have ended it, however, the two turtle doves were observed kissing and dancing together at a party.

And since then, things have gone smoothly for the royal couple.

This is not the first time the alleged breach in 2007 has been mentioned in the world press. The same thing happened in 2018, in connection with the premiere of the documentary «William & Kate: The Journey». The documentary revealed more details about the shock break.

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– Was made fun of

The documentary reminded The Sun’s former royal editor, Duncan Larcombe, what should have been the background for the much talked about break. He claimed, among other things, that Kate’s family history must have been part of the cause, according to Express.

According to the royal house expert, members of the royal family must have made fun of Kate behind her back, based on the family she comes from.

Among other things, they are said to have said “doors to manual” when the duchess was nearby. It is a term that is often used on aircraft where flight personnel double check the doors before departure.

Larcombe further claimed that it was a reference to Kate’s mother, who worked as a flight attendant. Although the British royal house denied that such a thing had taken place, the English royal house expert still stood his ground.

– One or two people in the royal family’s inner circles probably have that view, he said in the documentary.

Despite this, Kate and William found each other again. When the duke and princess announced their engagement in October 2010, after William had betrothed to Kate on holiday in Kenya, they talked out about the breakup for the first time.

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– We ended it in a short period. We were very young. It was at university, and we both tried to find ourselves, we grew up and needed some elbow room, the prince explained in an interview on English television.

– I was not feeling well then, but I learned a lot about myself, Kate said and emphasized that the tough times made her stronger as a human being.

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